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How to improve Golf game with the Leupold Rangefinders

You are on the tee box and looking down to the green or in the fairway looking up to a green. In either case because of your rangefinder, it gives you measurement to the front, back and center of the green, but you have an uneasy feeling about the yardage. Do I hit a 7 iron or do I need to hit a 6 or 8 iron? So you just go ahead and hit the selected iron and hope and pray that you have figured right and hit the right iron. Is here a rangefinder that can take the guess work out of this scenario? Excellent news- “Dorothy”–here is such a product, and it’s called the Leupold Rangefinder.

Leupold has been around since 1907. It has been known in the hunting circles for providing some of the best scopes on the market. In 2006, Leupold branched out of the hunting market and entered the golf market with the introduction of its Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews product line. The RX digital laser rangefinder series introduced the world to TBR [Right Ballistic Range], which takes the guess work out of using a rangefinder on steep angles, as well as, 13 uncommon  aiming point options. The Leupold comes in 4 uncommon models. The first is the GX-1. With Leupold precision optics, it provides laser equipment that gives accurate reading to the pin easily and a scan mode available at any time. The GX-1 is tournament legal and offers line of sight distance measurement only.

The Leupold GX-2 and the GX-4 are the only golf rangefinders available which provides accurate distance information that matches your personal hitting distance to the slope of the shot and current atmospheric conditions. Wondering what club to select? The GX-2 will tell you that, too. The club selector involuntarily recommends the appropriate club for each shot, even indicating between distance clubs. All you do is simply input the hitting distance for 3 specific clubs and the GX  will do the rest.

The Leupold GX-3 Range Finder has a compact body formed by a solid block of aluminum, the GX-3 defines rugged. If you add the bright OLED show to the standard fog mode and prism lock, then the GX-3 can be used in most any weather conditions. The GX-3 is tournament legal, offering line of sight distance measurement only.

Lastly , the Leupold GX-4 is like the GX-3 but better. When the chrome faceplate is attached, you just snap on the Smart Key faceplate and the GX-4 instantly becomes a coach, providing accurate range information that matches your personal hitting distance to the slope of the shot, current atmospheric conditions, and even suggesting which club to use. In summary, whichever model is chosen, you will get exceptional reading, and with selected models, it will tell you the slope and which club to use. This rangefinder truly takes a lot of guess work out without having to pay an annual fee or waiting for your course to be mapped.

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