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Scores of extreme

Liah Dou air jordan 12 dark grey for sale , daughter of pop diva Faye Wong and rock singer Dou Wei, made her debut in the Chinese mainland at an outdoor music festival in Beijing yesterday.

Liah Dou performs at a music festival in Beijing Liah Dou performs at a music festival in Beijing Step sister Li Yan and her father Li Yapeng Li Yapeng Li Yapeng Liah Dou performs at a music festival in Beijing

By Yoo Seungki

SEONGJU, South Korea, July 13 (Xinhua) -- One year has passedsince people in Seongju, a county in South Korea's southeastregion, launched their protest rally against the deployment of theU.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missileinterception system.

On July 13 jordan 12 dark grey 2017 for sale , 2016, Seongju was designated as a site for the U.S.missile shield installation. Since then, residents have nevermissed one day of a candlelit rally, rain or shine and in asweltering heat or a biting cold.

About two months after the designation, the site was alteredinto a golf course in Soseong-ri, a tiny and peaceful village inthe northernmost part of Seongju where no more than 170 villagers jordan 12 retro dark grey for sale ,mostly in their 70s and 80s, make a living with farming.

Thursday's temperature reached almost 40 degrees Celsius.Business as usual, grannies stood sentry inside or outside theSoseong-ri village hall to block any THAAD element from beingtransported to the golf course.

Along the kilometers-long road to enter the village, placardswere lined up with slogans that read "President Moon Jae-in mustofficially declare a THAAD retreat," "Remove THAAD, Oppose THAAD"and "Peace is the best weapon."

On April 26 this year jordan 12 dark grey suede for sale , less than two weeks before thepresidential election, two THAAD mobile launchers and otherelements were delivered in the middle of the night to the golfcourse. Residents called it a military operation-like delivery.

"I couldn't have wept more tears (when the delivery occurred).The whole village was like a mourner's house," said Do Keum-yeon,an 81-year-old villager who has lived in Soseong-ri since she gotmarried six decades ago. Before her marriage, she had lived in avillage near Soseong-ri.

She explained a psychological and physical ordeal, which she andother grannies had undergone over the past year. As riot policeviolently suppressed villagers. Some were taken to hospital forinjury. Do said she wondered at the time if they were policemen forSouth Koreans or for U.S. soldiers.

"(South Korean) soldiers and policemen are like my sons. I feelvery bad and regretful (about the confrontation with policemen) jordan 12 dark grey for sale ,"said the granny. For many times, she and other grannies have satdown in the front line of anti-THAAD protest rallies.

Asked about why she has continued her fight against THAAD, shereplied that it was a matter of life and death.

"With THAAD overhead, I cannot live here. Helicopters (totransport oil to the golf course) make a big noise every day. Noiseis heard even from the generator (inside the golf course) atnight," said Do.

The ANTPY-2 radar of the THAAD is known to emit supermicrowave, detrimental to human body and environment. The golfcourse is about 2 km away from the Soseong-ri village hall.

"What we want is simple: returning back THAAD to the U.S.. Thereis nothing we want except it. We want to return back to the pastpeaceful life Shop Men's Air Jordan Jumpman Pro Mid Black Cat All Black Online Sale ," said Do, adding that the U.S. missile shield worthabout 1 billion U.S. dollars is worth less than a one-dollar candyto them as they do not need the war weapon.

The granny said she voted for President Moon in the May 9presidential by-election, hoping the new leader reverse the THAADdeployment decision. "Any great change hasn't been made yet," saidDo whose eyes were on the verge of tears.

Scores of extreme-rightist activists supporting the U.S. missiledefense system began to gather tens of meters away from theSoseong-ri village hall Thursday afternoon. Hundreds of policeofficers were mobilized to prevent any violent conflict betweenpro- and anti-THAAD protesters, and an ambulance was on astandby.

The pro-THAAD rightists waved the Stars and Stripes togetherwith their national flags, a scene frequently seen at rallies heldby loyalists to impeached President Park Geun-hye earlier this yearin central Seoul. Park has stood trial for her alleged involvementin a corruption scandal.

They played martial songs with loudspeakers Buy Cheap Mens Air Jordan 11 Low IE Fire Red White Fire Red-Black 919712-101 Clearance , turning thepeaceful village into a battlefield-like place. They describedthemselves as patriots as pro-Park loyalists did in Seoul to demandthe nullification of Park's impeachment.

The majority of the pro-THAAD activists looked in their 70s and80s, but they were led by a tiny number of men in their 40s,including a man infamous here for his extreme-rightist

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